What we offer

Charlie Straight

KK Promotions promotes and represents emerging and established artists ranging from musicians, visual artists, dancers and other performers, providing a complete range of tailored PR services.

Cultural promotions

We work closely with galleries, arts organisations and music festival organisers, actively promoting the culture of a specific country abroad by simply introducing the artist to the foreign market. We manage artists and individuals in the creative industries, provide support and promotion for them and related art projects and events.

Public relations

As Public relations professionals we offer unrivalled press and PR services. With an extensive and constantly evolving network of international press contacts, in particular in Germany, the UK and Austria, we deliver media coverage across print, broadcast and online media. For big international projects, we team up with PR specialists and agencies in the target country.

KK Promotions has developed close and effective relationships with key companies, journalists, and publications in both the alternative and mainstream media. We build valuable media platforms to support product launches and profile-raising initiatives.

As media relations experts, we specialise in the following areas:

  • Targeted media coverage in print, broadcast and online outlets
  • Media research and analysis
  • Press kit development/ Messaging
  • Dissemination of press releases
  • Audience targeting
  • Organisation of press trips
  • Organisation and oversight of press conferences
  • Media monitoring